Herman’s Hands is a Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Clothing Brand.

It raises awareness and money for mental health and suicide prevention in Australia.

Money from profits is donated directly to organisations supporting mental health and suicide prevention in Australia.


Herman's Hands is an extension of www.brendanmcdonnell.com

Featured on ABC News Online here: abc.net.au/news/2016-07-21/brendan-mcdonnell-designs-herman's-hands-for-suicide-prevention/7645518?section=sa

My name is Brendan McDonnell.

Herman was my dad.

He suffered from depression for many years.

In November of 2007 he took his own life.

I found his body after he died.

I was 15.

He left behind a suicide letter personally addressed to me. 

In it he told me that he didn’t wish to “expose me to all the doom and gloom that had taken over his life” so he ended it.

The 'doom and gloom' he was referring is mental illness. 

I have made the decision to do all I can to prevent the 'doom and gloom' from being exposed to others too.

Since May of 2015 I've been working to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention through my personal blog, www.brendanmcdonnell.com

Now I’m moving into other avenues to continue my mission. Herman’s Hands is the next step.


By using clothing as a vehicle for awareness spreading we can create dialogue and inspire change.


Mental illness and suicide run rampant in Australia. It doesn’t have to be like this though!

I know that with awareness of the doom and gloom it can be overcome... I am living proof!

But, I am only one man. To inspire real change we have to work together, collectively.


Mental health and suicide are two hugely stigmatized subjects. 

Everyone knows that overcoming stigmas lies in the creation of dialogue. 

But, in order to get people talking we need to first break down ugly stereotypes and cultures that not only contribute to, but stand in the way of removing the stigmas surrounding mental health and suicide in this country.

Through Herman’s Hands we can break down and remove these stereotypes and cultures.


Herman's Hands is more than just a few letters on a t-shirt. It is conscious clothing. It is streetwear for a cause. It is a vehicle for awareness spreading and a symbol for change.

Buy some gear. Wear it proudly. Talk to your mates about it. Tell them where it came from. Let it start the conversation.

If we all start talking we just might help stop one more father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter from becoming another statistic...


Herman is my dad and this brand acts as his hands from wherever he is now.


Create Dialogue – Inspire Change.


Who was Herman?